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All prices in euros including email support for the current version.
So no additional maintenance costs.

PackageFirst licenseEach additional License
New order version 5.013.500875
New order version 5.0 24.5001.125
New order version 5.0 35.5001.375
Rental fee version 5.0 for 30 days3400100
Trial version with limited functions300
Update from version 4.0 to 5.01.000250
Update from version 3.5 to 5.01.700425
Update from version 3.0 to 5.02.600650

Package 3 is the full version, with all features available.
With package 2 all functions of package 3 are available without pressure surge / pendulum impact and without residual load-bearing capacity.
For package 1, all features of package 2 are available without the glass holders.

You can use your license in two different ways:

Computer – as a local license
If your computers are not permanently connected to a network, you must install our software locally and also use the license locally.

Server – as a “floating license”
If your computers are permanently integrated in a network, you can install our software directly on the server and use the license centrally as a “floating license”. You can then use our software on all computers on the network. The simultaneous number of calls is regulated by the “floating-license-system”. When replacing a computer or integrating a new workstation, you do not need to perform a new installation and registration. This variant is much easier and more effective.

Additional licenses
Additional licenses at the same location cost 25% of the first license.
Additional licenses at different locations cost 75% of the first license.