5.0.14 – 03.03.2022

Improved libraries for the LiveUpdate
Corrected load case generation, (point loads only if defined)
Minor improvements

5.0.13 – 24.02.2022

Language files updated
Proxy settings added
LiveUpdate function updated
Visual Studio runtime lib added to installation
Minor improvements

5.0.12 – 17.02.2022

Integration of SIA 2057 (Switzerland)
(new Code Templates)
(new climate loads templates)
(Considering partial shear effects with G = 0.4 for short time loads and SLS)
(Loadcase generation with snow coefficient according to location height formula)
(depth of combination splitted for single glass and insulated glass)

Improved integration for Ö-Norm (Austria)
(Partial shear effects for horizontal and vertical glass position for ULS and SLS)

CAN / CGSB, Areafactor A^(-1/7) added to design formula
Reduced safety factor for dead weight with overhanging glazing (>90°) corrected
Newest libraries
Smaller improvements

5.0.11 – 16.09.2021

Solved problem for design proof of coated glass and free bended egdes with reduced limit stress
Newest libraries
Smaller improvements

5.0.10 – 09.07.2020

Correction LiveUpdate
New database for materials

5.0.09 – 18.05.2020

Hints for actually used licenses upon startup
Reactions on a Microsoft(R) update
New runtime libs
Smaller improvements

5.0.08 – 24.03.2020

Correction Excel export
New EVALAM materials in database
Corrected manuals
Corrected and improved settings on the point holder (some combinations did not lead to a result)

5.0.07 – 28.01.2020

Added Code template DIN EN 16612:2019 – Infill panels
Automated backup of user data – can be restored now when gone corrupted
Changes selecting the Code Template – relation between Verification and LoadCases
Smaller improvements

5.0.06 – 04.06.2019

Code template for Ö-Norm corrected and enhanced
Importproblems of V4.0 projects to V5.0 solved

5.0.05 – 19.04.2019

The settings specified under Options has only been recognized, if “Options” has been visited at least once – solved!

5.0.04 – 14.03.2019

Copy function added to Norm Templates
NEN2608 design formula extended; for factor E = ke < 1.0 a additional stress check at selected edges will be done
smaller changes, modified manual

5.0.03 – 22.02.2019

marked layer to transfere load at the borehole were lost – solved!
smaller changes

5.0.02 – 13.02.2019

deleting several load cases in common – solved
during calculation protocol results now disabled
smaller program changes

5.0.01 – 06.01.2019

Separate spacer properties at bore holes added
Large result files (>2GB) can now be shown too
Smaller changes in program flow
Some changes in language and result files

5.0.0 – 22.11.2018

Delivery of the new version 5.0


4.0.7 – 08.08.2017

  • Compatibility problems with Windows® Update – solved
  • A much more stable solution process is again achieved
  • A canceled or not converging loadcase will now also write all results up to that point into the protocols
  • Addionally the not converging loadcase leading to abortion is mentioned in the status area

4.0.6 – 24.11.2016

  • Further compatibility problems with Win10 – Update 1607 – solved

4.0.4 – 02.11.2016

  • Compatibility problems with Win10 – Update 1607 – fixed!
  • minor problems fixed
  • some improvements
  • adapted materials data and handbooks

4.0.3 – 20.11.2015

  • Import and reading problem in 4.0.2 for old and partially new projects – fixed!
  • blanks in the description text of the load cases were not processed correctly

4.0.2 – 17.11.2015

  • Increased processing and selection possibilities within loadcases:
  • Selecting single load cases out of the full list for calculation
  • Selection of multiple load cases by parallel pressing the CTRL or SHIFT key and a LeftClick
  • Direct acting DEL and INS key on marked load cases
  • CTRL +C, CTRL-X und CTRL+V key (copy, cut, insert at a new position)
  • Drag&Drop of selected load cases directly by moving and releasing LeftClick
  • Import problem of single springs and spacers from version 3.5 solved
  • Loadcase settings for ΔH will now be stored too
  • Following blanks within the project name are automatically removed
  • Load case factors are displayed also in the graphics tool now
  • Enhanced automated load case generation for the German Guideline TRLV / TRAV
  • New glass type settings to consider 15% allowable stress increase for insulated glass units according to TRLV
  • Further reduction of load cases acting in the same direction now also for vertical glass

4.0.1 – 16.09.2015

  • More detailed load description in loadcase protocol
  • Convergence problem for special conditions in insulated glass units solved
  • Some pictures of glass fixings have been invisible
  • Two inputs have been disabled and couldn’t be entered – fixed

4.0.0 – 03.09.2015

  • Delivery of the new version 4.0


3.5.9 – 29.01.2013

  • problem displaying the curve diagram for long data files solved
  • problem to rename and copy project files solved
  • additional material data for SGP added
  • enhanced convergence behaviour for non-linear solving process
  • message if contact within insulated glass units during pendulum calculation

3.5.8 – 26.06.2012

  • Problem printing protocoll for loadcases with more than 5 glass layers per glass package solved
  • maximum number of glass layers (together with loadcases) set to 13
  • minor design changes

3.5.7 – 07.05.2012

  • Problems generating curve diagram solved

3.5.6 – 24.04.2012

  • Setting other system font sizes now possible (small – medium – large)
  • Load factors for climate loads extended to 2 values (for long and short term effects)
  • Protocol error writing different border loads solved
  • Smaller design changes

3.5.5 – 17.12.2011

  • Excel exporting error solved
  • Problems to display some graphics buttons solved
  • Smaller design changes

3.5.4 – 21.10.2011

  • Included new languages of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Additional languages for protocoll and fead back messages in Polish and Czech
  • Program changed to support UNICODE
  • Some changes for pressure hit load card
  • Adapations for the diagram output

3.5.3 – 17.02.2011

  • Changed location for temporarily for Out-Of-Core Solver files
  • smaller changes in the language files
  • opening of the protocol speeded up
  • adjusted solver settings to recognice and cancel statically undetermined systems
  • some changes in the graphics window

3.5.2 – 26.01.2011

  • Changed registry settings for Win7 not to come in conflict with user and admin rights
  • smaller changes in the language files
  • fixed solver problem for some special cases

3.5.1 – 09.12.2010

  • Solved problem for displaying the reaction forces within the “Graphics Surface” and the “Result Protocol”.
  • This is related to point fixings connected via rods or cables.
  • Visualisation of point fixing deformations loaded by forces now included
  • Enhanced multitasking options
  • Folder operations like Copy, Paste, Delete,.., are now as well possible during a running calculation
  • Problem starting the Graphics Surface are removed
  • Asian or not European language settings sometimes prevented starting of the graphics tool
  • Added button, to calculate all projects within a folder after each other.
  • Until now only the parallel start of all projects was possible.
  • and some smaller changes

3.5.0 – 02.09.2010

  • Delivery of the new version 3.5

3.0.6 – 10.12.2008

  • memory problem for larger systems solved
  • more stable solution for non-linear calculations (instead of the fastest solution)
  • stopping the mesh generation process is possible now

3.0.5 – 16.07.2008

  • some new settings for printing the protocol
  • enhanced bandwidth optimization for faster solving
  • included SentryGlasPlus (SGP) interlayer properties

3.0.4 – 07.01.2008

  • some modifications within the post-processor like scaling signs
  • aborting the calculation now stops immediately the solving process

3.0.3 – 04.12.2007

  • some changes for path settings
  • changes when deleting load case

3.0.2 – 24.09.2007

  • modified installation routine

3.0.1 – 24.08.2007

  • picture of the finite element mesh within the protocol

3.0.0 – 10.08.2007

  • Delivery of the new version 3.0