All prices in euros.

PurchaseSupport fee per year
Package 13500200
Package 24500200
Package 35500200
Package 3 - 30 days400
Package 3 trial versionfor free

Further licenses
Further licenses cost 25% of the initial license.

ackage 3 is the full version, where all functions are available.
Package 2 is a reduced version, without dynamic routines (impactors, pressure hit) and without residual load-bearing capacity.
Package 1 is the smallest version, where glass fixings are excluded as well.

You can use your license in two different ways:

Computer – as a local license
If your computers are not permanently connected to a network, you must install our software locally and also use the license locally.

Server – as a “floating license”
If your computers are permanently integrated in a network, you can install our software directly on the server and use the license centrally as a “floating license”. You can then use our software on all computers on the network. The simultaneous number of calls is regulated by the “floating-license-system”. When replacing a computer or integrating a new workstation, you do not need to perform a new installation and registration. This variant is much easier and more effective.